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Chew: Season Two of the Zombie Apocalypse Series (EBOOK)

Chew: Season Two of the Zombie Apocalypse Series (EBOOK)

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eBook - Chew: Season Two (Book 2 in the Chew series.)

 Only the strongest survived the Flip.

The world is still reeling after Zakaria’s miracle cure transformed flesh-eating monsters back into humans. Under constant threat of pain and punishment, Biters are forced to work off their debt to society, and only the strongest can survive this new normal.
After surviving Clive’s Carnival, Luke and Allison trade hasty goodbyes and part ways. While Luke adapts to military life, Allison returns home to Milltown, Ohio—a city Will promises to turn into a promised land for all Biters.
In boot camp, Luke lives under the thumb of the post-prion United States Army. When he gets a chance at freedom, Luke has to quickly decide where his loyalties lie.
Meanwhile, one calamity after another tests Allison’s resourcefulness, her will to survive, and eventually, her humanity itself.

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